With ARGON, you can do more with NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network). I built the project website where you can read more about ARGON.

NACDB is a part of ARGON which I helped develop. It is a R package that helps researchers scour open source ecological data and build a database from it.

Digit Detector

Just a simple web application. Draw a from 0 to 9 in the box, press 'Predict' and the browser will detect which number you drew (or at least it should).

I built this using Python and TensorFlow to build and train the convolutional neural network, TensorFlow.js to load the model and some JavaScript and jQuery for the rest.


You can go play a game you haven't seen since the days of brick phones.

I built this for some fun using p5.js. You can check out the code if you go to the links on the page up at the top.

TensorFlow Tutorial

Check out the Python code that went into building and training the CNN that I used in Digit Detector