K. Bodie Weedop

I am currently a Research Assistant at Northeastern University Marine Science Center. I am currently looking to enter into graduate school.

Here you can find out about my current research, personal projects, and how to contact me.

About Me

I was born and raised around the Boise, Idaho area. I recently graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Biology. While I am formally trained as a biologist/ecologist, I spend a lot of my time programming in R, Python and Javascript. I am continually learning quantitative-intensive methods and how they might be used in disease ecology and evolutionary-ecology.

I focus my attention in two areas...


I started my career as a researcher interested in conservation biology, molecular biology and ecology. My research focused on simulating phylogenies to test methods of phylogenetically-informed prioritization methods and sought to improve upon them. I was also involved in the R package 'nacdb' which allows researchers to retrieve open access data and make a community-level database. You can check out these projects on github.


As you might have seen, a lot of the research endeavors that I have undertaken are associated with heavy use of Python and R. This includes using some of the endless libraries and packages for data analysis and visualization. Along with that, I have some experience writing some HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Evidence of this is...well, this website.


Broadly, I am interested in researching species' evolutionary histories and distributions. I worked in the Pearse lab to understand how researchers are currently utilizing phylogenies (species' evolutionary histories) to help inform conservation efforts. Now, I am working in the Lotterhos lab using SNP data from the Oyster Genome Project to understand population structure. Going forward in graduate school, I want to explore how to incorporate phylogenetics, eco-evolutionary genetics and population dynamics can be incorporated when thinking about changing host-pathogen interactions.

In my own time, I focus on advancing my ability to answer questions in interesting ways. As much as I love biology, I love programming, statistics, and developing useful tools for myself and other researchers. As long as there are new R packages, we can keep answering more and more questions! Most of the programming I do professionally is done in R and Python.

Lately, I have been studying machine learning and deep learning algorithms and using these on various datasets. You can check some of those out on my github page. In the future, I will be pursuing a PhD applying computation and machine learning in order to answer interesting biological questions.