K. Bodie Weedop

I am a research assistant currently looking to enter into graduate school. Here you can find out about my current research, personal projects, and how to contact me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to work together.


I am a research assistant at Utah State University working in the Pearse Lab. Currently, I am working on a simulation study to assess the effects that imputation has on conservation prioritization. You can check out the progress of that here.

I recently graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Biology. I plan to continue using a wide range of techniques in order to learn more about evolution, genetics and ecology.

In order to contribute across many fields including biology, machine learning and now some user interface development, I am continually learning a new programming language, algorithm or how species populations affect one another.


At the Pearse Lab, I have been involved a few different projects apart from the simulation study. One of the first was to develop Splinter, a multiple genetic sequence alignment tool to assess for saturation within a set of genetic sequences. More recently, we have been building a community level database.

In my own time, I focus on advancing my ability to answer questions in interesting ways. As much as I love biology, I love programming, statistics, and developing useful tools for myself and other researchers. As long as there are new R packages, we can keep answering more and more questions! Most of the programming I do professionally is done in R and Python.

Lately, I have been studying machine learning and deep learning algorithms and using these on various datasets. You can check some of those out here. In the future, I will be pursuing a PhD applying computation and machine learning in order to answer interesting biological questions.

I do some web development and UI as well. This site was developed by me using Github Pages.


Email: kbweedop@gmail.com